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WSS Energy provides bespoke advisory and research services to the global energy industry

Using our knowledge and passion to enable the energy transition

WSS Energy was formed in 2015 to deliver a different approach to energy sector business consulting. Since then we have delivered projects for asset owners, supply chain companies, technology developers, research agencies and government clients globally.


As a business consulting company, we take on some of the most pressing energy transition challenges in technology, the environment, economics and policy. We believe the most successful consulting for energy sectors requires a combination of commercial & technical understanding, cultural alignment, a deep awareness of the macro environment and robust analytical methodologies and tools.


Our client base across the energy value chain gives us unique insights into how innovation in business models, services and technology can create differentiated value. Our knowledge of oil & gas, renewables, distribution and storage helps our clients to understand where they stand now and where they are likely to stand in the future. Our projects are hypothesis led and underpinned by clear and logical consulting frameworks to ensure that all factors are identified, considered and weighted. We know that only through working closely with our clients can we understand fully the business and cultural drivers which are equally as important as rigorous and detailed analysis.


Our consultants have delivered strategy, technology and business transformation projects for some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the energy industry. From major oil & gas production hubs to renewable frontier regions, our global project experience enables us to bring regional perspectives and cultural understanding to every project. All our consultants have STEM backgrounds with at least 15 years consulting experience in the energy sector.


We are trusted by our clients to deliver insightful and efficient support at the right time to create business change and to take advantage of opportunities. Our independence lets us deliver impartial results based on rigorous analysis, and we appreciate that every client’s challenges are unique. The nature of our work is complex, and we always ensure that our projects have enough time to guide our clients and their stakeholders to a consensus driven result. Our assignments finish but never end – we always remain available to inform and assist our clients for the months and years after each project finishes.


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Creating action from uncertainty to maximise return on investment from assets, technology and people

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Developing unique datasets and applying best-practice analysis frameworks & methodologies to bridge market information gap

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Establishing the right business environment and technology strategy to enable fast technology maturation

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Delivering data science for the energy industry to make your operations smarter

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