“Creating the right business environment for successful technology deployment”


Working across the value chain we identify and support the development, commercialisation and management of energy technology

Without technology the energy industry would not exist. From the bamboo drill pipes used to drill wells in China in 400BC, to the 21st century challenge of well abandonment, to novel materials for turbine blade construction, technology can unlock resources, reduce cost & uncertainty and enable safe & sustainable energy production.

At WSS we believe that very little is genuinely novel, and different industries have common challenges. Understanding how technologies from different industries can be redeployed, and how to find and deploy the right technologies can be equally as powerful as large scale in-house R&D programs.

We have provided support for the development of technology and R&D projects for over 20 energy companies around the world. Our experience bridges strategy, operations and R&D with a common theme of ensuring that the right decisions are made about deploying the right technologies to create bottom line growth.


Energy technology management

Our technology consulting offering is broad, encompassing R&D strategy, operating model design and technology program management. We maintain active relationships with universities, research institutions, technology developers and technology investors to ensure our advice is grounded on a full understanding of cross-industry developments. Our expertise includes:

  • Technology and innovation strategy
  • Technology organisation design & optimisation: operating models, management processes, resources and external collaboration
  • Operational challenge & solution specification
  • Technology business case development
  • Technology development roadmaps
  • Innovation landscape & technology deep-dives
  • Cross-industry innovation & technology transfer
  • Technology qualification & deployment
  • Knowledge management

Industries and sectors

Our business heritage is from the Upstream Oil & Gas industry – one of the most capital intensive, globally diverse and risk impacted industries in the world. We have worked with most of the international oil companies and national oil companies to help them unlock value with technology. Building on previous successes, we further assists in a range of other industries through the unique combination of industry knowledge and project delivery experience across:

  • Petroleum midstream and downstream
  • Gas processing
  • Energy storage/ batteries
  • Biofuels
  • Solar PV
  • Offshore power generation
  • Advanced materials
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