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Strategy & Growth

grow earnings and outperform the competition

Creating action from uncertainty - address market conditions to maximise return on investment from assets, technology and people

WSS Energy works with business executives, entrepreneurs and investors to develop options for organic growth, acquisitions and alliances.

Driven by technology and sustainability, the energy sector is changing at an unprecedented rate. Companies must prove they have a role to play in a cleaner and less carbon intensive future, regardless of whether their business model revolves around extraction, generation, processing, distribution or end use.

We believe that technology and value chains lie at the heart of any successful strategy. The line between products and services is increasingly blurred, and only by pushing into adjacent energy sector segments can companies create the resilience needed to drive long-term growth.

Our experience with manufacturers, service companies and asset owners gives us a complete picture of how value chains can be integrated. Our consultants are all energy sector specialists, so our results are grounded in reality and we speak your language.

Growth strategy

Businesses redefine their strategies for many reasons: a change in leadership, to address new markets or to stabilise during times of market uncertainty. Regardless of the reason a strategy must be clear, data driven and expand your position in increasingly competitive global energy markets. We create strategies which are owned by you but based on the best technical, commercial and market analysis.

Growth strategy anchor

that helps O&G companies to build a  future-proof business ecosystem supported by a new set of values that drives innovation & market growth and attracts talents.


commitments to a sustainable future

The oil & gas industry is facing a rapid change in the way it does business. Hydrocarbons may continue to play a role in the economy, however there is a clear demand from governments, investors, and society for low-carbon products and a more transparent and stronger approach from O&G companies regarding their ESG commitments.

There are key factors that companies must start to embrace and integrate tangibly into their net-zero ambitions - getting clearer on their vision, emission profiles, and divestment strategies. They can remain big influencers of regional and global economies by broadening their vision, becoming hybrid, and engaging with a different energy at their core


what choices to make

Strategy is essentially about selecting from competing choices. The energy sector is highly capital intensive, and decision quality is critical. We take a portfolio approach to managing choices - whether assets, technologies or service lines. We use our experience gained from assignments to correctly frame the challenges, to develop choices based on data and to guide all stakeholders through a seamless and logical process.

Our consultants have worked with executive teams and business unit management teams in every continent. Understanding geographic opportunities, cross-cultural working and efficient communication are embedded in our projects.


where to focus & how to succeed

In the energy sector businesses are often global and integrated, but with geographic autonomy driven by unique market needs. Our market segmentation and analysis methodologies provide a strategically coherent picture of how a federated business can be more than the sum of the parts through identifying global opportunities driven from high value markets.


what to invest & what to expect

Our technical and commercial due diligence services uncover how value can be created, and challenge whether underlying investment in theses are sound. Our voice of customer programs, driven by our global network of contacts and comprehensive interview design processes, bring clarity and uncover highly valuable insights when time is of the essence.


how to capture & deliver value

Joint ventures and alliances can be a long journey where progress is only made through trust and understanding. Previous projects have involved financial, technical and commercial partners in different continents with very different business cultures. We have the patience and experience to guide stakeholders through the partnering process through objective setting, education, consolidation and careful ongoing project management.

BUSINESS Performance

We take a systems approach to identifying, mapping and diagnosing performance bottlenecks within client organisations. Our technical understanding of how energy projects are financed, built and operated differentiates us from our competitors.


Understand internal barriers to growth

Our diagnostic processes combine external data, internal knowledge and customer insights to assess where our clients sit in relation to their peers. Our third party interview programs have been used by over 30 energy sector companies to ground truth how they are perceived by their clients and how their clients need them to develop to address future industry challenges.


Create winning organisations

The operating model provides the structure through which the strategy will be delivered. This includes the organisation, resources, technology, processes and partners which, when combined, define how the business will deliver value in the future. We have designed operating models for technology organisations, new country business units and for government funded energy research organisations.


Transform businesses using data, technology and analytics

We see digital technology as a tool which must be justified. We have the technical understanding of how data & analytics, IoT and AI can increase top and bottom line performance for equipment manufacturers and asset owners, and more importantly, how digital programs should be conceived and managed to produce tangible value.


Optimise resource allocation to the most attractive opportunities

Complex legacy portfolios are a drain on innovation in the energy sector. Obsolescence support comes at a cost to new product development and the balance between sustainability and growth is often hidden. Our value driven portfolio management approach enables like-for-like comparison of complex asset or product & service portfolios and ensures that expensive engineering resource is strategically aligned.


Realising the value of tacit and explicit knowledge

Energy businesses accrue ‘know how’ which, when correctly managed, ensures that best practice leads to efficiency and repeatability. Explicit knowledge sits in text, diagrams and databases and can be accessed using automated processes. Tacit knowledge sits in the brains of the company team and is more elusive and challenging to harness. Establishing Enterprise Knowledge Management systems - with defined functionality, governance & roles, responsibilities & process - can enable a business to capture and apply knowledge and expertise. We combine our sector experience with our application of knowledge management best practices to design the most responsive and fit-for-purpose EKMs for our clients.

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