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Targeted Research

bridge information gaps

Combining specialist data with best-practice research frameworks and methodologies to answer difficult but crucial client questions

Energy requires production, transportation, storage and distribution. Interruptions to this value chain, whether caused by geopolitical instability, disruptive technologies or market uncertainty can have a material impact on corporate viability and overall sectoral growth.

Successful businesses rely on evidence and data to inform decision making. Without research, business decisions are based on past experience and gut feel. Carrying out targeted research creates an evidence-based understanding of challenging operating environments.

At WSS Energy, we perform targeted research that combines specialist data and best-practice research frameworks & methodologies to answer difficult but crucial client questions. Our research and industry engagement explores aspects of business which off-the-shelf databases cannot. Our research is based exclusively on our client’s specific requirements, which we take particular care to understand.  

Our targeted research always follows an iterative process starting from the development of leading research hypotheses, which are then tested, refined and tested again using the combination of primary & secondary research and quantitative & qualitative analysis. The result of our targeted research is always action driven with 100% data transparency.   

Clients for our research services include asset owners, investors, government bodies, supply chain participants and research institutions.

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Stand out, be different and be better

Keeping track of your competition is crucial to staying ahead. Our competitive analysis and energy intelligence expertise helps you to know who your competitors are and how they are growing their market share. We look to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to understand how your organisation compares from your clients’ perspective.


Build resilience for changing conditions

Energy companies face increased and increasingly complex risks, including volatility in oil prices, changes in consumer behaviour that lead to disrupted business models and attacks from cyber criminals. We work with companies exposed to the energy sector to proactively assess the risks raised by changing conditions from environmental impact and regulatory change to talent retention and management.


Look outwards to stimulate internal innovation

WSS Energy believes in solution-based technology scouting that focuses on business and customer need. While providing a glimpse of innovation trends, technology shifts, and start-ups that have the potential to impact the industry, technology scouting exercises only become truly useful when there is no ambiguity on ‘what to scout’ and a strong connection to well defined business needs.


The eye-in-the-sky, high resolution asset observation

WSS Energy has established a global network of earth observation acquisition companies which allows for fast decision making in times of crisis or for verification of other secondary information sources. We collaborate with leading imagery (satellite and drone) companies to provide very fast taskings for new image acquisitions, combined with imagery analysis to provide ground-truth following weather incidents, HSE events or during conflict. We add value through whole-of-market asset selection, tasking design, imagery analysis and end-to-end project management. Clients for this service include insurance underwriters, loss adjusters and asset owners.


Understand the source of innovation

The best CoEs for strategic energy research and collaboration are often niche and hidden. WSS Energy helps our clients to understand regional talent pools, global skills clusters, R&D research intensity & quality and specific innovation hotspots for organisations wanting to gain access to new capabilities or technology & innovation.


Define gaps, identify opportunities and mitigate risks

The energy industry has one of the most complex, globalised and capital-intensive supply chains. WSS Energy’s supply chain analysis combines mapping, gap analysis, import-export analysis, market research and interviews to enable our clients to build a comprehensive understanding. Our work enables our clients to de-risk operations in emerging countries, ensure supply chain compliance, identify competitor threats or to spot capability gaps and market opportunities. We also assist with understanding commonality, where multiple energy sectors stand to benefit from integrated supply chains.


Gain tangible understanding into “how”, “why” and “when”

In-depth interview programmes with industry stakeholders and participants are a key component of our research. Structured, semi-structured, or narrative interviews are carried out to delve deeply into attitudes, behaviours and experiences on our client’s topic of interest. Utilising our well-established global energy network, we hand-pick the most suitable professionals to ensure the best quality of information and up-to-date business & market insights.


Frequently engage with customers and drive impactful change

Leadership requires that you frequently ask, listen and learn from your customers about their product expectations, the realised service quality and their opinions on how you should improve. At WSS Energy we see that in the energy industry, most customer feedback is gathered in an informal or ad-hoc manner, with only a few companies engaging in objective feedback dialogue through formal and well-structured VoC programmes.

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