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The application of ai

data science for the energy industry

Deplering data science to the energy industry to make your operations smarter

AI and digital transformation projects must be approached with the same research rigour as any other consulting project. We have formed Endila, an energy sector data science and AI company, to ensure that we can capture and evaluate client data using data science approaches. This places us in a differentiated position as a consulting company who can design and execute energy sector AI projects based on a thorough understanding of client data. We understand how to manage, cleanse and use data at a practitioner level which leads to compelling and accurate business cases and commercial models for companies seeking to invest in digital transformation or AI.

In addition to our data science capabilities we also have access to Endila’s proprietary databases which contain a comprehensive review of published applications of AI in the energy sector. This gives our clients a full understanding of what has been tried, what the ‘art of the possible’ is and what gaps remain.

Our approach to digital transformation and AI projects, which combines business consulting and data understanding, results in projects with a higher probability of success – regardless of which business metrics are used.


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Endila is a sister company to WSS Energy Consulting, created to deliver transformational energy sector data science projects which use very large volumes of operational data. Our consultants support Endila’s data scientists through designing and delivering commercially robust, strategically aligned and deployable AI projects.

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