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Asset, satellite monitoring

Satellite imagery & analysis for remote asset monitoring & evaluation during regional conflict

The challenge

Our client, an asset owner with operations in the Middle East, was forced to suspend their presence in the country due to significant armed conflict around the asset area. They needed to obtain ground truth to determine the extent of damage to their infrastructure and whether operations could be re-started.

Result highlight


Cost saving versus a site inspection

7 days

Total project duration

"WSS Energy’s approach was both innovative and the only feasible option available. They took time to outline the project risks, and made sure we fully understood the both the capabilities and limitations of their approach prior to project sanction, which was much appreciated"

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Our approach

The feasibility of gaining a site visit was explored but was discounted as too dangerous. We used our relationships with satellite companies to conduct a rapid tasking of the target area to gain high-resolution imagery of the site.


The results were compared with previous satellite images and asset photographs to determine which infrastructure was damaged, the extent of the damage and to provide an estimate of the remediation timeline and cost.

Storage Tanks from above, assets
Ariel view desert industry

Key activities

  • Working sessions with the asset owner, insurance companies, loss adjusters and operational staff to define the scope and the evidential requirement of the project.

  • Acquisition of high-resolution and infra-red images of the target site using a rapid tasking directly with the satellite provider.

  • Develop integrated GIS and imagery workflows to allow comparative analysis. Import and verify obtained imagery.

  • Time-series analysis of the site using imagery. The imagery was reinforced with narrative intelligence obtained from asset staff, regional contacts and open source information.

  • Draft and present high-level cost estimate and options for regaining control of the site and carrying out both asset stabilisation and remedial engineering works to restart production.

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