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Technology Management & Commercialisation 

Maximising the impact of technology 

From energy production and conversion through to energy consumption, technology underpins the energy industry and has a crucial role in ensuring economic access to resources. The energy sector is now seeing greater use of advanced technology than ever before. However, taking an idea from basic concept to a commercially successful product is a long, complex and tortuous journey. We can assist you along each stage of the technology maturation process - originate, develop, prototype and scale, and provide you with all necessary support towards a successful commercialisation.  

WSS Energy’s services in technology management and commercialisation address our clients’ most critical challenges in two areas: achieving a fast and customer-oriented technology maturation process and creating strategically aligned R&D organisations that contribute to business value.

Xiaojing Wang, director

Xiaojing Wang

Director of Consulting,

Head of Customer Success

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Ideation & Proof of Concept

seeking opportunity for technologies

Our services in ideation help you identify the right ideas to invest in and to gain strong corporate buy-in. They include:

  • Scenario-Based Planning Support 

  • Operational Challenges and Technology Needs Specification

  • Technology and IP Landscaping

  • Market Insights and Trend Identification

  • Concept and Hypothesis Testing

Pilot & Demonstration
scaling up towards commercialisation 

WSS Energy provides technology demonstration support to the energy sector worldwide. Our aims are to overcome the "valley of death" and mobilise organisations for swift scale-up and market launch. ​​Our services include:

  • Business Case Verification

  • Field Trial / Pilot Set Up

  • Technical and Commercial Feasibility

  • Deployment Readiness

  • Investment and Funding


maximise the value of the technology

We understand that wherever we join our client’s technology management journey, success in R&D is always measured in technology sales or market access. For this reason, we consider commercialisation throughout the technology management process. Prior to the establishment of a commercial entity or technology sales channel we help clients to plan for: 

  • Customer and End-User Group Specification

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Route-to-Market Strategy

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Technology Transfer and IP Evaluation


Technology Scouting & Competitiveness 
look outwards to stimulate internal innovation

We believe in solution-based technology scouting that focuses on business and customer needs. While providing a glimpse of innovation trends, technology shifts, and start-ups that have the potential to impact the industry - technology scouting exercises only become truly useful when there is no ambiguity on ‘what to scout’ and a strong connection to well-defined business needs.

Technology Strategy

Companies need to periodically re-evaluate their technology strategies to redefine what, why and how to innovate - and more often - who to innovate with.

We help our clients understand the market and technology development landscape, identify differentiating and competitive R&D areas for their investment, clarify the role of R&D and interfaces with other functions,  articulate the source of innovation using a portfolio approach and build roadmaps for implementation – all to create a business-driven R&D strategy that contributes to your overall success.

Market & Customer Engagement

Targeted and in-depth interview programmes with the industry are a key component of our research. Structured, semi-structured, or narrative interviews are carried out to delve deeply into attitudes, behaviours and experiences on our client’s topic of interest. Utilising our well-established global energy network, we hand-pick the most suitable professionals to ensure the best quality of information and up-to-date business & market insights.

  • Voice-of-Customer (VoC)

  • Market Intelligence

  • Collaboration & Partnering

  • Due Diligence

R&D Management Best Practices

We help you with the best R&D management practices via independent or multi-client benchmarking studies. Our experience with some of the most technologically sophisticated organisations and their R&D centres has provided us with a unique understanding of different technology management approaches and their effectiveness under different circumstances including cultural variances, business & regional factors and market & cost pressure.

  • R&D Portfolio Assessment and Optimisation

  • Technology Roadmap Development

  • Technology Cost-Benefit Anlaysis

  • Research Partnership Identification

  • R&D Performance KPIs

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