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CCUS encompasses a range of technologies that can play a key role in meeting global energy and climate goals. But the industry has seen limited commercial facilities in operation - CCUS deployment is significantly behind expectations to date. 


Our leading expertise and knowledge on carbon, capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) covers technology evaluation and assessment, due diligence, techno-economic analysis, life cycle and environmental impact assessment, market analysis and supply chain evaluation. Our comprehensive understanding of the power generation, CO₂ capture and industrial utilisation technologies as well as knowledge of the policy and regulatory landscape worldwide enables us to support our clients from project investment to CO2 reduction from its global operations and productions.

Areas we can help you

Carbon Capture Technologies: our in-house database contains the most up-to-date information on the technology development landscape and emerging innovations (industrial point-source capture, DAC - direct air capture, DOC - direct ocean capture, BECCS - bioenergy with carbon capture and storage), pilot & demonstration status and challenges, project techno-economic analysis.

Carbon Storage Projects: our in-house database tracks the latest carbon storage projects in the following countries/regions: EU, the UK, USA, Canada, the Middle East, Australia. 

CO2 Reduction & Utilisation: our in-house database covers more than 150 innovation technology start-ups in the area of CO2 reduction & utilisation, covering different technologies from thermo-chemical, electro-chemical to plasma.  

  • Innovation Landscape

  • Technology & Start-Ups Scouting

  • Technology Assessment 

  • Investment Thesis

  • Project Demonstration Support

  • Technology Commercialisation Support

Carbon Policy and Regulations: evaluating key policies, policy mechanisms and regulatory requirements at a country or regional level for supporting CCUS development​.

CO2 Direct Air Capture

A selection of recent projects

CO2RR for High Value Chemicals: Investment Target Assessment

The client had short-listed several tech start-ups, all with proprietary technologies for CO2 reduction/conversion via thermo-chemical and electro-chemical pathways to produce high value chemicals.


Our work evaluated the commercial potential of the technologies. Focusing on upscaling requirements, we analysed process energy consumption and feasible sources for energy generation, sources and cost of feedstocks, and overall system efficiency.

Government Agency - Japan

Direct Air Capture (DAC): Innovation Landscape

The client wanted to obtain an up-to-date understanding of the innovation landscape for Direct Air Capture (DAC) and removal from seawater (Direct Ocean Capture - DOC).

The study identified and analysed over 40 companies / technologies, including an assessment of technology maturity (TRL) and concept feasibility, upscaling potential, system efficiency and cost evaluation. Three companies were short-listed as candidates for potential project partnerships.

Engineering Company - UK

Industrial Point-Source CO2 Capture Innovation Updates

The client’s global production facilities generate a substantial CO2 footprint and therefore have an urgent need to deploy CO2 capture.

The study reviewed the latest industrial point-source CO2 capture technologies and benchmarked them against the client’s existing solutions in two key areas: inlet and outlet limits (e.g. volume, composition) and cost-performance of consumables, mainly catalysts. Opportunities for technology retrofitting and upgrading within the client’s production facilities were also identified. 

Industrial Conglomerate - France

Competitive Landscape and Innovation Scouting in CO2 Mineralisation

The study goal was to provide investment advice to the client for carbon mineralisation, a fast-growing area of CO2 utilisation.


The project focused on identifying and analysing technology start-ups that convert alkaline industrial waste into construction materials. Each company's conversion pathway was analysed and compared. 14 companies worldwide were investigated and 3 were short-listed as having high investment potential.    

Investor - Germany

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