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Digital technology

Energy Transition Enablers

The energy sector is on the cusp of a paradigm shift caused by rapid technological development across the entire energy ecosystem. Driven by decarbonisation, decentralisation, automation and digitalisation - exciting and profound changes are happening throughout the value chain from raw materials and energy generation to transmission, distribution, and consumption.


Efficiency and optimisation, at both the supply and consumption sides, needs to be augmented with digital technology for energy system balancing and system control. Similarly, novel renewable generation technologies and energy intensive decarbonisation technologies require careful siting within supporting regulatory and economic jurisdictions.


Energy systems are changing but they are underpinned by a range of core technologies and service-based business models. The continuous development of these transition enablers is essential to creating a low-carbon energy future. ​


We work with our clients to develop near and mid-term actions which take into consideration global trends, regional factors and the supply chain ecosystem.    

Areas we can help you

The Application of AI: digital transformation, AI algorithm development for proof-of-concept, initial testing and AI implementation.

For more information, visit our sister company Endila. 


IoTs and Robotics: our technology scouting programmes have helped our clients to find solutions for asset tracking, asset integrity monitoring, remote sensing, leak detection, flow meter verification and downhole sensing.


Data Management, Connectivity and Security:  ​creating insight from operational data silos, incorporating operational data into corporate workflows and helping our clients to manage GHG reporting data.

Advanced Materials: analysis of business models for emerging advanced materials and chemicals, particularly related to hydrocarbon development and CO2 utilisation.

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A selection of recent projects

Use of Fibre Optics for CO2 Monitoring for CCS Development

The client wanted to develop its capability and service offering in permanent CO2 monitoring in CCS installations, hence commissioned a study to identify high potential partners with a strong technology offering which were aligned to the client’s growth strategy.


The project, through a value chain analysis, identified and reviewed 40+ companies; this was then followed by an in-depth analysis and technical due diligence on the final four candidates.

Trading Company - Japan

Innovative Tracer Technology for Real-Time Production Monitoring

Our client was considering investing in a Middle East business developing an innovative O&G reservoir fluids tracer technology.


Our initial step was to refine our client's investment thesis by including nano-tracers and broaden their regional focus to SE Asia. We then completed a light-touch technical and commercial diligence project on six different companies to determine their IP position, operational capability and opportunities for portfolio synergies. 

Investor - UAE

Constraints Mapping Tool: IP Landscape Analysis

Our client had developed a software tool which collates GIS datasets for analysis to ensure high confidence for offshore & onshore wind farm site assessment and selection.


WSS Energy delivered a patent analysis study, including the definition and review of relevant patent families. The study provided an understanding of existing similar products and approaches, highlighted potential IP issues and identified two organisations for business partnerships.

Software Start-Up - UK

Feasibility and Impact of Emerging Subsurface Energy Storage

This research project investigated several emerging subsurface energy storage technologies including ground source heating and cooling, mine water geothermal, compressed air energy storage, hydrogen storage and underground pumped hydropower storage.


The project was focused on the technical requirements and maturity, technology feasibility in the UK’s onshore geology and the predicted environmental impact. 

Environment Agency - UK

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