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Green transport

Green Transport

Transport accounts for about one-fifth of global CO2 emissions. In the coming decades, as the global population increases and incomes rise, overall demand for transport will grow - hence transport emissions are likely to increase.


Technological advancement can help offset the emission rise. From power-to-liquids for sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) to direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology to treat underground brines, emerging innovations are changing the way energy is extracted and produced, as well as the entire associated value chain.


For organisations who wish to invest in decarbonising the transport sectors (e.g. road, aviation and shipping) we can support you in your business planning, competitive benchmarking and strategic positioning, technology development and commercialisation, market assessment and techno-economic analysis.


Our clients range from technology and engineering companies to vehicle and fuel suppliers, as well as investors, government agencies supporting the transport energy system transition.

Areas we can help you

Sustainable Fuels: from feedstocks to production pathways, we provide support in business planning, strategic partnership, technology evaluation, and project techno-economic appraisal from early pilots to large-scale commercialisation.

  • Bio-Fuels: feedstock supply and sustainability assessment.

  • SAFs: strategic positioning, production pathway assessment, and project techno-economic appraisal.

  • Clean LNG & Hydrogen: carbon emissions assessment and reporting, risk and associated cost analysis and advisory.

Batteries and Associated Supply Chain: we help our clients to understand the challenges and opportunities that arise when developing a resilient, high-performance and sustainable supply chain for battery technologies, from raw material extraction to product market positioning.

  • Green Lithium Production and Associated Value-Chain: geo-lithium development and direct lithium extraction (DLE) technologies.

  • Battery Technology: for example EV batteries, HESS - hybrid energy storage systems, BESS - battery energy storage systems, development landscape, site-specific application and project economic analysis.

  • Battery Recycling Technologies: supply chain mapping and analysis.​

Carbon policy and Regulations: we help our clients get to grips with key policies and measures at a country or regional level that support the deployment of electric and zero-emission vehicles. 

Tesla gigafactory.jpg

A selection of recent projects

Lithium Extraction Technologies Feasibility and Landscape

Our client needed to understand the global market & opportunities for geo-lithium development from brines and O&G produced water to support an R&D programme.

We delivered an in-depth project which considered the resource base, regional opportunities, legislation, incentives, technology and markets. A large industry interview programme with 40 participants was used to determine and verify the current state-of-the-art and the likely future landscape. 

Government Agency - Japan

Innovation Landscape in SAFs and Potential Collaboration Appraisal

Prior to its internal R&D portfolio review and optimisation, the client wanted to gather information on the latest innovations in sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) via a biological pathway.


The study investigated several key challenges including sustainable feedstock & processing, bio-reaction design & integration, and product separation & purification. The study recommended R&D areas with high value and collaborative potential.

Engineering Company - Japan

Pilot Development of SAFs via Power-to-Liquids (PtL)

The client wanted to optimise their project plan for a Power-to-Liquids pilot and subsequent demonstration for SAF production.


Combining desk research and an industry engagement programme, the project assessed similar initiatives worldwide, including comparative analysis for project funding, partners and their roles, supply chain development, process set-up, access to CO2 sources & green electricity, cost profiles, and other technical, commercial and political challenges the industry is facing. 

Engineering Company - Germany

European Gigafactories: Challenges and Benchmarking

Our client was considering investing in future UK gigafactories as projects started to be progressed through planning.

We delivered a comprehensive overview of the UK landscape which included future battery demand from BEVs, aviation and storage, analysis of the UK supply chain and R&D capacity, a comparative analysis of the different gigafactory developers and a review of UK, EU and Chinese battery lifecycle policies, regulations and incentive schemes.

Investor - UK

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