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Sharing the decarbonisation goals of our customers, we focus on four technical areas to support low carbon innovation and better energy integration.

Across a range of sectors

Our targeted research combines specialist data with best-practice research frameworks, methodologies and expert engagement programmes to answer crucial but often difficult questions in your business.

Proof of Relevance

The challenge: technology can help to solve problems but without the right support and a true understanding of the market, it can't be used to best effect. 

How we can help: find out the value potential of the technology and identify areas where its potential can be maximised and rapidly achieved. 

Concept as a Solution

The challenge: a technology is often described as a list of technical attributes and features that don't translate into an easily comprehensible solution.

How we can help: build an effective, streamlined solution around the technology that helps the customer understand how it solves their problem.

Customer Analysis

The challenge: potential customers and the innovator often do not see or share a common view of a technology's potential, especially in its very early stages.

How we can help: identify and assess the exact problems faced by potential customers and formulate solutions to help highlight a technology's potential.

Market & Competitor Analysis

The challenge: a new technology may be scientifically unique and ground-breaking, but potential customers think their needs are already being met by a rival alternative.

How we can help: find out technical and commercial differentiation and develop actions to realise competitive advantages over others.

Ecosystem Analysis

The challenge: route to commercialisation requires cost-effective scaling-up, which is usually influenced by a complex array of external macro forces.

How we can help: identify any changes, opportunities and threats in the macro-environment, monitor the environment long term and successfully respond to changes. 

Business Model Optimisation

The challenge: it can be very difficult to drive change in a business that has been based on a single successful business model for many years.

How we can help: create a compelling business case for change by addressing service offering, technology value network and aligning stakeholders.

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