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Innovative hydrogen production & storage solution route-to-market and strategic partnerships


A world leading OEM and its technology development partners were in the late stages of commercialising a unique technology to produce & transport hydrogen at an industrial scale. While understanding global macro-trends regarding hydrogen growth as an alternative to natural gas, they were struggling to identify the correct regional market segment to enter. They also needed a go to market strategy to leverage increased industry interest in the hydrogen economy.

Related Sectors

  • Hydrogen 

  • Original equipment manufacturer

Related Consulting Services

  • Technology commercialisation

  • Strategic partnership

  • Customer and end-user group specification


Working with the client’s technical and commercial teams, we spent time to articulate the technology features, limitations and value propositions, focusing on understanding what made the technology unique and how it was differentiated from competitors and alternative solutions. Based on this we developed a market engagement program to obtain feedback from potential end-user groups, gauge commercial opinions from potential partners and define the first project blueprint.



Target market idenitfied


Commercial partners identified


  • Regional hydrogen development landscape, including identification of market participants, local supply chains and technology end-users, with the purpose of providing our client with an early indication of potential partners and the local business environment

  • Competitor technology review, including large innovators and suppliers of hydrogen generation equipment, to assist our client to identify the market gap and the unique selling points (USPs) of their product

  • Technology prospectus development, to highlight the unique characteristics of our client’s new technology in the context of industry challenges and competing technologies

  • Market end-user engagement with organisations purchasing and operating hydrogen generation equipment

  • Identification of potential project sponsors and definition of development and qualification requirements to take the technology to market

  • Business model development and planning to build a pathway for commercialisation for our client’s new technology in selected markets

By engaging with the market at a technical level, we were able to quickly identify a market niche for the client’s technology. Through our detailed understanding of the future for hydrogen production & transport technology and how this integrates into industrial consumption, we were able to find two committed candidates for a viable commercial opportunity.

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