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Gas separation, CO2

Accelerating a novel gas separation technology commercialisation through successful pilot partnerships

The challenge

Our client, a global EPC company with particular strengths in energy facilities and infrastructure development, had developed a novel gas separation membrane through significant R&D investment.


They had already undertaken rigorous small-scale tests to understand the capabilities of the technology and needed assistance to accelerate the technology’s commercialisation. They were focused on achieving first field deployment within 18 months.

Result highlight



Demonstration pilot within 12 month of project completion

Business cases identified


Reduction in commercialisation timeline

"WSS Energy provided us with critical insights into applications for our product in the industry. They identified a US demonstration partner and we quickly advanced our technology to a state whereby we are now approaching full commercialisation "

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Our approach

Knowing the client’s business very well, we defined a partnership model that would enable them to remain in control of the technology and gain insights into its performance through a demonstration project.


The outputs of this demonstration were then transformed into a marketing campaign for their sales division.


By understanding and highlighting the niche market needs of gas processing we were able to identify and engage with a selection of end-users to glean insights regarding the nature of their business and to build commitment to participate in a demonstration project.

Key activities

  • Technology assessment and capability audit to completely understand the limitations of both the client’s technology and their own internal resources. This assisted with identifying the roles and capabilities of prospective development partners and clients.

  • Assessment of the global natural gas and produced gas (CO2EOR) business and market environments. Our analysis included identification and sensitivity testing of specific success factors leading our client to better understand long-term business viability and sustainability.

  • Technology end-user regional landscape and project mapping. Used by our client to highlight state-level activity, gas processing business ecosystems, relative market sizing and to assist with identifying potential commercialisation partners.

  • End-user and pilot partner engagement to determine the views of the industry regarding the new membrane technology, the system offering of the developer and their willingness to be involved in a demonstration pilot.

  • Business case development and deployment roadmap, used by the client to successfully engage with an end-user that committed to participating in a field scale demonstration project well within the 18-month target initially selected.

Gas processing

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