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Internationalising the UKCS oil and gas supply chain – identifying opportunities in Mexico

The challenge

A UK Government client charged with promoting UK oil and gas capabilities internationally needed to understand the supply chain deficiencies in Mexico and to determine what aspects of the UK upstream and midstream business could have relevance in that country.


The client needed a first-hand understanding of Mexican capability to allow local competition and potential business partners for UK industry to be identified. They also required that consultants managed communication with the UK supply chain, participating in industry seminars to Mexican and UK stakeholders.

Result highlight


Industry participants categorised & analysed


In-country engagements


Oil and gas segments reviewed

Through our work with the UK government, WSS Energy was able to identify deficient areas of the Mexican oil and gas supply chain where UK industry could find relevance. The project determined that industries surrounding specialist offshore training and fabrications would soon become a market need in Mexico and the UK Oil and Industry was well placed to assist in certain aspects of those business areas.

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Supply chain - oil and gas supply chain

Our approach

WSS Energy was well placed to assist the UK Government with their Mexican efforts. WSS Energy’s understanding of the Oil and Gas industry in Mexico – via previous work with the local NOC – and our portfolio of work with the UK Oil and Gas industry, put us in a unique position to bridge the gap between the two countries.


Taking advantage of our extensive network in Mexico, WSS Energy was able to provide a scope that could be delivered in a timely manner with appropriate levels of in-country engagement and UK-based client consultation.

Key activities

  • Segmentation of the Mexican Oil and Gas industry, regional capability assessment across all aspects of the upstream and midstream supply chain, including engagement with UK government, industry trade bodies and Mexican counterpart organisations.

  • Mexican licensing round analysis - including scenario analysis regarding the prospects of the Oil and Gas industry as a result of reforms, future drivers of growth and diversification.

  • Creation of a database of over 1,400 Mexican Oil and Gas supply chain participants ranging from component suppliers through to large-scale EPC and O&M companies. More than 20 in-country engagements with Mexican stakeholders to gain first-hand views of present and future deficiencies.

  • Specification of an industry communication program, including the development of a project report disseminated to UK and Mexican industry and presentations to UK and Mexican supply chain participants and government organisations.

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