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Decarbonising towards a clean and efficient energy future

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Accelerating Decarbonisation Through Innovation  

WSS Energy is an independent management consulting company that provides target-research and advisory services to support industrial decarbonisation. Our focus is to accelerate collaboration and sustainable growth through technology development and deployment. 

We are:​

  • Sector specific and technology focused with a proven track record.

  • Commercially driven with a strong technical understanding.

We believe that enabling new technology is the world's best chance to reduce global emissions to net zero. To achieve this, cost-effective scaling-up towards commercialisation is critical.  Many of today's early-stage technologies are promising and will become an important part of a complex but comprehensive plan to address climate change.

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The role of technologies in addressing climate change


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Energy Efficiency

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Carbon Removal

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Electrification with Renewables

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Until recently, the most feasible options for companies to reduce their net CO2 emissions is by either cutting back on travel and/ or purchasing high-integrity carbon credits. SAF certificates, a crucial component of the Book and Claim model, now offer companies a new tool to access the environmental benefits of SAF through reducing their CO2 footprint.

Hydrogen holds some potential as a secondary source of energy, receiving considerable interest and investment as a critical part of future sustainable energy systems. In this article, we focus on the current and emerging routes for hydrogen production, and share some of our thoughts on promises and challenges ahead.

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Inside every problem lies an opportunity. Discover areas where we can help you.

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