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Technology Commercialisation & Management

maximise the impact of technology 

Establishing the right strategy and business environment for  fast technology maturation

From energy production and conversion through to energy consumption, technology underpins the energy industry and has a crucial role in ensuring economic access to resources. The energy sector is now seeing greater use of advanced technology than ever before. From decentralised power grids, to IoT deployment on critical infrastructure and blockchain contract management, we are increasingly able to recover, transport, store and use a wider range of energy resources in a cost-effective way than ever before.

WSS Energy’s services in technology commercialisation and management address our clients’ most critical challenges in two areas: achieving a fast and customer-oriented technology maturation process and creating strategically aligned R&D organisations that contribute to business value.

Technology commercialisation

Accelerated innovation to deliver customer focussed technology

In the energy industry, taking an idea from basic concept to a commercially successful product is a long, complex and tortuous journey. We can assist you to recognise and understand each stage of the technology maturation process - originate, develop, prototype and scale, and provide our clients with appropriate support to help them navigate their technology to commercial deployment. This can mean the difference between commercial success and market failure. 

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Actively seeking the problems your technology can solve through the combination of market research and technology intelligence

WSS Energy believe great innovation starts with a good understanding of how future developments will affect markets, technology and customer groups. Our services in ideation help you identify the right ideas to invest in and to gain strong corporate buy-in. They include:

  • Scenario-based planning support 

  • Operational challenges and technology needs specification

  • Technology and IP landscaping

  • Market insights and trend identification

  • Concept and hypothesis testing


Effective R&D management and market engagement to maintain a balanced project portfolio

R&D portfolios that balance risk and reward from a long-term perspective are one of the biggest challenges for the energy sector. Governance and stakeholder pressure results in fast-cycle projects being prioritised over longer-term and more strategic development. These issues are not addressed simply by focusing more on the future. At WSS Energy we can assist you in the many aspects needed to build a robust R&D portfolio:

  • R&D portfolio assessment and optimisation

  • Technology roadmap development

  • Resource mapping and optimisation 

  • Research partnership identification

  • R&D performance KPIs

Explore, select and engage with potential customers to define & refine your technology value proposition

WSS Energy provide technology demonstration support to the energy sector worldwide. Our aims are to overcome the "valley of death" and mobilise organisations for swift scale-up and market launch. ​​Our services include:

  • Business case development

  • Field trial / pilot partnership and management

  • Technical and commercial feasibility

  • Deployment readiness assessment

  • Investment and funding 


Widening your revenue horizons through market insight, strategic partnerships, and new applications

We understand that wherever we join our client’s technology management journey, success in R&D is always measured in technology sales or market access. For this reason, we consider commercialisation throughout the technology management process. Prior to the establishment of a commercial entity or technology sales channel we help clients to plan for: 

  • Customer and end-user group specification

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Route-to-market strategy

  • Pricing strategy

  • Technology transfer and IP evaluation

Strategic R&D Management

To successfully optimize R&D’s contribution to business value, companies need to address the four key dimensions of structure, governance, resources and process

Is your company’s technology strategy defined?

Do you understand the role technology development plays in achieving your  overall corporate objectives?

How much are your technology development activities integrated into business planning? 


In some organisations these are articulated, but in many they are assumed but not completely understood. In WSS Energy’s view, truly successful innovators in the energy industry will have corporate-level answers to these questions which are communicated well throughout the organisation and externally.


Given the dynamic way technologies and markets are developing, companies need to periodically re-evaluate their technology strategies to redefine what, why and how to innovate – and, more commonly, who to innovate with.

WSS Energy can help our clients to understand the market and technology development landscape, identify differentiating and competitive R&D areas to focus their investment, to clarify the role of R&D and interfaces with other functions, to articulate the source of innovation using a portfolio approach and to build roadmaps for implementation – all to create a business driven R&D strategy that contributes to your organisation’s overall success.


In the energy industry, the biggest challenge in R&D organisational design is to break down the silos between R&D and other business functions to drive communication and co-operation.

WSS Energy has worked with R&D organisations in energy production companies, in engineering & technology companies and with R&D institutes to establish the optimum organisation and operating models to enable successful R&D.


WSS Energy works with clients to specify the functional requirements of R&D management to ensure seamless migration of technology from ideation to commercialisation. On the basis of these functionalities we assist with the definition of the roles and responsibilities for the people delivering R&D. Going further, we provide your key R&D staff with the tools, processes and procedures to deliver and measure R&D success.


We help our clients to understand R&D management best practices in the energy industry by performing independent or multi-client benchmarking studies. Our experience with many of the most technologically sophisticated organisations and their R&D centres, has provided us with a unique understanding of different technology management approaches in use,  their strengths & weaknesses, and their effectiveness under difference circumstances – including cultural differences, business & regional factors and market & cost pressure.

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